The FanBox experiment has concluded

About 7 years ago, FanBox was started as a laboratory "sandbox". It has served as a place where interested parties could comfortably experiment, try and even fail as many times as needed, to eventually successfully democratize social media.

The objective of the experiment was to invent all the technological elements needed to empower billions of people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Did you know? Half the world’s population lives on $2 or less per day. Empowering these people to rapidly become productive in a thriving economy, right from where they are, was precisely the goal.

Today, we are announcing....

...that with the help of over a thousand employees, hundreds of success coaches and 100,000 dedicated test alpha users, the experiment is coming to its logical conclusion and end.

Together we invented the concept of social networking applications, virtual currency, transactions within apps, and even transactions over mobile devices.

To review some of the hundreds of inventions and patents that resulted from this experiment, visit Google’s Patent Search Tool.

What’s next?

We took all our learnings, inventions and tools and incorporated them into a new platform called empowr.

empowr's mission: To empower people, by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.

empowr's goal: To help half the world’s population (4 billion people) earn an average of $25/day by the year 2025.

To learn all about empowr, simply visit

empowr’s doors are now open.

Visit or download the iPhone or Android mobile app. We hope you will be pleased.

Got a FanBox account? You can have your FanBox account, and everything in it, automatically imported into your empowr account, by signing into your FanBox account and following the simple instructions.

Thank you

It’s been a long and often difficult road. Together we tried many different things, many of which worked well, and some of which failed to create the desired results.

Through all these trials and tribulations, many of you stayed with us.... believing, pushing and giving us the confidence and energy to keep on keeping on.

You did it

You did everything so selflessly, without fanfare, fuss or even asking for credit.

Without you, this experiment would have long failed.

Without people like you, we wonder if anything big and positive would ever happen for the world.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you around the empowr community.